Product Name:86-1
  • Packing:40pcs/ctn/2cuft
  • Function:Excess alcohol consumption when combined with driving a motor vehicle is today perhaps one of the most foolhardy risks one can attempt. Authorities are fighting drunk driving with loss of license,heavy fines and imprisonment. DRIVESAFE is a personal breach tester which was designed to help individuals make a responsible decision concerning the ability to operate a motor vehicle after a reasonable consumption of alcohol.
  • Specifications:
  • Easily to read VU meter scale
  • Alcohol percentage range:0. to 0.05,0.05 to 0.08 and up
  • Operation:DC7.5V (UM3x5). AC adapter or 12V cord with car cigarette plug.
  • Weight:62g
  • Power consumption:1.5W
  • VC:24V max
  • VH:5V
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